We met Stephanie through the Early Intervention program and it was the best thing that happened to us. She was simply amazing, always professional, caring, giving us no less than 1000%. She went far and beyond trying to help us achieve progress and great results with our son, providing us with her wonderful services and advice.

She had great techniques and ideas to implement in our lives and always made the time to listen to our concerns or anything we had to say. She taught us how to apply age appropriate discipline and boundaries to create a secure environment for our son.

Stephanie is a magnificent therapist that carries and applies a hard working and devotional attitude with everything she does. She helped our son so much and also us as parents. We are very grateful for everything she did. Any family would be fortunate to work with her. Thank you Stephanie.
-The Hudson Family


I cannot even express how grateful and lucky we are to have Ms. Stephanie as our developmental therapist! My son, Marc, became eligible for Early Intervention for speech, developmental and occupational therapy when he was 18 months old. He had no words, and he hardly made connections and barely responded to his name at that time.

Among all his other therapists, I can definitely say that Marc connected and responded with Ms. Stephanie the most. When he finally spoke his very first word, it was during our session with Ms. Stephanie, and I couldn’t be more impressed with her and at the same time proud of my son! My son finally did it, and I just knew we were on the right path with her!

Ms. Stephanie has introduced me on how to use simple toys and make them tools to help Marc accomplish tasks. Little by little, my son was able to learn his shapes, and he specifically loved putting animal puzzles together. Marc has gone from using signs for “more” and “please” to being able to use phrases!

The most important part to me was she had shown great patience towards Marc but still enjoyed her time with him. Every session with her really became inspirations to me to do more for my son.

I can definitely say I have learned a lot from her!! From the techniques to encourage Marc to respond more, to the answers she gave whenever I had some concerns.

Ms. Stephanie was like a coach to us and having her was like having a security blanket for me and Marc. It was definitely a positive experience and we will always feel lucky and thankful for her.



My son, Cooper, started weekly home therapy after our pediatrician identified a few delays in his development. After being tested, Cooper was identified as having speech delays as well as being developmentally delayed in areas of coordination and sensory integration. He was hypersensitive to loud sounds and any new textures he would encounter.

He began weekly home therapies at 15 months of age until he turned three years old. We worked with many gifted people over that span of time and by far, the brightest star among them was Stephanie Miller. Stephanie, from day one, never saw Cooper as a ‘special’ kid, she simply saw Cooper, for what and who he was and not for what he wasn’t. Stephanie connected to Cooper as an individual and because she came with open eyes and connected to my son, my son now has become a happier child, more able to connect to life and the world around him than he would have ever been able to before.

Stephanie tailored each lesson by choosing activities that would address areas that needed improvement, but that were also based in Cooper’s interests and rooted in his strengths. She also gave us clear and detailed activities for his dad and I to practice with him in between his therapy sessions. Stephanie was always available to answer any questions we had. She helped us know when to set clear boundaries and how to establish them in a helpful and practical manner. Cooper concluded his weekly therapies at the age of three. At his exit evaluation, he tested either at level or advanced in many areas, which were previously identified as below level.

~ Amy B. (Parent)