Adventures in Play, LLC offers home-based developmental consultation, pediatric therapy services and social support for children, birth to six years of age, who:

  • May need a little extra support in achieving development milestones
  • Experience regulatory difficulties
  • Experience challenges with social interactions
  • Experience behavioral difficulties
  • Have or are suspected of having a developmental delay in one or more domain (sensory regulation, cognition, speech,motor, social emotional, and independent self-help skills)
  • Have a previously diagnosed developmental disorder, such as autism spectrum disorder
  • Have medical complications which make navigating their world, socially and emotionally, difficult

Adventures in Play, LLC provides therapeutic experiences through a play therapy approach, which consists of facilitating naturally occurring play activities. Individualized goals and specific interventions and activities are used in order to allow for each child’s strengths and challenges.

Services offered:

  • Initial Assessments
  • On-Going Play-Based Therapy
  • Developmental Consultation
    • For parents and professionals working with children: Developmental Consultation assists parents and professionals in supporting the child’s overall achievement of developmental milestones.
  • Playdate Facilitation/Social Coaching
  • Play Groups
  • Toy Consultation
    • For parents and professionals working with children: Toy Consultation assists parents and professionals in identifying toys, activities, and spaces in the home, center, etc. that can be used to support the child’s development and increase positive adult-child interactions.
  • Other related and supportive family services
    • Help locating additional therapeutic services, quality daycare facilities, community resources and family activities, etc.
    • Help in navigating the Early Intervention Birth to 3 Program and advocating for your child to receive services, within the program, that will allow him/her to reach their optimal potential.