Play Groups

Play Group Descriptions

Play group classes are 45 minutes long and include all materials for activities. Your child is welcome to bring their masterpieces home with them, if they want. During the class Stephanie Miller (Developmental Consultant and Therapist) will explain how each activity targets certain developmental skills. Not only will your child have a blast playing, but you will also learn important strategies to increase your child’s development.

Adventures in Baby Play
  • With caregiver
  • Suggested age range 6-18mos
  • During the first year or so of life, babies are learning to move around and explore their environment, giving the right and left hemispheres of their brains opportunities to communicate with each other. This communication leads to progress in foundational play and interaction skills.
  • This class is a great opportunity to get out of the house with your little one. Come join us for songs and activities specifically focused on developmental skills babies are working on in their first year and a half of life! Get to know other new mamas and papas in your area!
  • All materials for activities are provided and your child can bring their masterpieces home with them.

Adventures in Toddler Play
  • With caregiver
  • Suggested age range 18mos-3yrs
  • During the toddler years, children are learning to fine-tune their developmental skills. They are often doubling and tripling their knowledge during this short amount of time! This class provides opportunities to help your child hone their cognitive, language, motor, social emotional and sensory regulation skills.
  • Example of class activities:
    • How Are You Song – this activity promotes oral awareness, keeping rhythm and social skills as your child participates and learns to respond with, “I’m fine”, “I’m happy”, or a thumbs up, etc. during the song.
    • Tent Tunnel (children must maneuver through the tunnel carrying an object from one end to the other, crawling forward, backward, and then sideways) – this activity promotes body awareness, motor planning and problem solving skills.
    • Parachute Play – When the parachute goes up… lift one leg (stomp your feet, rub your tummy, etc.) – this activity helps children organize their senses as they maneuver the large parachute and feel the big gusts of air it creates. It also promotes listening skills and identification of body parts.
    • Tie Dyed Coffee Filter Art – this activity promotes fine motor skills as your child colors and uses a spray bottle to create their art. It also allows them to practice following directions and how to regulate their bodies as they wait for the next instructions.
  • All materials for activities are provided and your child can bring their masterpieces home with them.

Adventures in Preschool Play
  • Suggested age range 3-5yrs
  • During the preschool years children’s development becomes a bit more academic in nature. This class provides opportunities for your child to explore some STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) – based activities, where they will practice their critical thinking, reasoning, teamwork, investigative, and creative skills. They will also be practicing their listening skills, greater independence and peer-related social skills. Caregivers are welcome to stay with their child or take some “me time” in the cafe while your child plays.
  • All materials for activities are provided and when there are independent crafts your child can bring their masterpieces home with them.

All abilities welcome for all classes!

The suggested age ranges are based on neuro-typical developmental levels,

so feel free to join the younger or older class, depending on your child’s skills.



  • Includes all classes in the session and all materials for activities done during each class – children can bring their masterpieces home with them.
  • Prices vary by location.